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The Roasts

Meet Our Daily Coffee Blends!


Little Big Decaf

Organic Medium Roast

This organic, decaffeinated, medium roast coffee is a classic favorite! These beans are water-processed, meaning there are

no chemicals involved, and this decaf blend is fuller-bodied and rich in terms of flavor + strength. With each sip, you'll taste notes of delicious walnut and caramel. Little Big Decaf will remind you of "lots of laughter and holiday leftovers."

Happy Larry

House Roast/Breakfast Blend

Happy Larry is a Lava Java original! We are the only retailer in NJ, and Booskerdoo makes this blend specifically for our shop. This breakfast blend is the perfect way to start the day, with its mild flavor and high caffeine content. 

Hot Coffee

Costa Rica

Medium Roast

Producing a crisp, clean cup, this bean is grown at over 4,000 feet elevation in the Naranjo region of Costa Rica. It offers a smooth body with hints of brown sugar, honey, and graham cracker.

Black + Tan

Bold Roast

A blend of dark and light beans to give you a perfectly balanced and relaxing cup of coffee. This roast is both strong in flavor and high in caffeine. It's sweet and smoky, strong and smooth, delicious and delicious. Flavors work together and act on their own to create a dynamic, delectable cup of joe.


After Dark

Organic Dark Roast

This dark roast is certified organic and rich with a heavy, smoky quality. Hints of dark chocolate give this extra dark blend a special kick that has been known to leave jaws and tastebuds tingling. 

Mudtruck Blend

Dark Roast

The Mudtruck Blend wakes up thousands of New Yorkers every day. Luckily, New Jersey residents can enjoy a cup of mud too -- but only at Lava Java! This beautifully rounded roast has hints of sweet cherries and rich cocoa.

Triple Blended Coffee Beans
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